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Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Rajasthan Artisans and Their Talent...

The golden state of Rajasthan, like any other part of India, gallantly prides over the plethora of handicrafts and arts that form an integral part of its culture. Thus presenting the Art Forms of Rajasthan..! Not only is it marvellous to observe the different types of these assets but also their versatility in performing, visual and culinary art forms- each being at par with the other. Whether it is twirling in heavy costumes or manufacturing colourful dyed dupattas and sarees, from carving baroque details on blue clay to making ornate jewellery--Rajasthan presents it all with the utmost pleasure and beauty for its tourists with the only concern of rendering their trip with more magic and vibrancy.  

Starting with the dances...

Often when we converse about the Art Forms of Rajasthan, our minds tend to slip the fact that the innumerable elegant and rhythmic dance forms too form a part of this flamboyant culture. To begin the list, Ghoomar and Kalbelia generally come in top because of their wide spread popularity. The other forms like Bhavai (dancing with pots on the head), Kachchhi Ghodi (folklore genre showing tales of local bandits) and Gair- to name a few also present their art with utmost dexterity along with keeping the beauty of the dance alive. All these types of dance forms can be observed being locally performed by the members of small indigenous communities or performed as shows in popular locations of the Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and the other star cities.  

Blending With the handicrafts...

Handicrafts, as a part of Art Forms of Rajasthan, are nothing that any tourist is not aware of. There are a galore of opportunities from which tourists can select the one that catches their attention the most to take back with them to their homeland. Each of the cities have their own speciality when it comes to handicrafts. The Bandhi dyed fabrics and ostentatious jewellery of Jaipur, the lac bangles of Udaipur, the blue pottery of Jodhpur- the options are too many and hard to resist. Each of these items are completed with such intricate details and presented with the ultimate flavour of Rajasthan that makes it more endearing to the tourists.

Ending with the melodies...

As talented as the professionals are in carrying heavy costumes and showing acts of entertainment, they also posses expertise in playing a variety of instruments to produce melodious tunes in unison or singularly. Almost all of the dance performances that the artists present have accompanying live music rather than recorded music. The Shehnai and the flute are very commonly used with the thumping beats of the Dhol to produce a perfect mixture of rhythm and tune. The Ektara, Kartal, Ghungroo and Sarangi are the other facets of the musical journey of the Art Forms of Rajasthan.

Thus, like the palaces and forts, Rajasthan is equally opulent in case of its arts and culture. The true colours of this state can only be experienced when all of this concocted in the perfect amounts as a part of your groovy ride across Rajasthan. Thus, do not forget to catch a few of the dance and music performances along with carrying few colourful pieces to decorate your abode.   

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