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Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Rajasthan Artisans and Their Talent...

The golden state of Rajasthan, like any other part of India, gallantly prides over the plethora of handicrafts and arts that form an integral part of its culture. Thus presenting the Art Forms of Rajasthan..! Not only is it marvellous to observe the different types of these assets but also their versatility in performing, visual and culinary art forms- each being at par with the other. Whether it is twirling in heavy costumes or manufacturing colourful dyed dupattas and sarees, from carving baroque details on blue clay to making ornate jewellery--Rajasthan presents it all with the utmost pleasure and beauty for its tourists with the only concern of rendering their trip with more magic and vibrancy.  

Starting with the dances...

Often when we converse about the Art Forms of Rajasthan, our minds tend to slip the fact that the innumerable elegant and rhythmic dance forms too form a part of this flamboyant culture. To begin the list, Ghoomar and Kalbelia generally come in top because of their wide spread popularity. The other forms like Bhavai (dancing with pots on the head), Kachchhi Ghodi (folklore genre showing tales of local bandits) and Gair- to name a few also present their art with utmost dexterity along with keeping the beauty of the dance alive. All these types of dance forms can be observed being locally performed by the members of small indigenous communities or performed as shows in popular locations of the Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and the other star cities.  

Blending With the handicrafts...

Handicrafts, as a part of Art Forms of Rajasthan, are nothing that any tourist is not aware of. There are a galore of opportunities from which tourists can select the one that catches their attention the most to take back with them to their homeland. Each of the cities have their own speciality when it comes to handicrafts. The Bandhi dyed fabrics and ostentatious jewellery of Jaipur, the lac bangles of Udaipur, the blue pottery of Jodhpur- the options are too many and hard to resist. Each of these items are completed with such intricate details and presented with the ultimate flavour of Rajasthan that makes it more endearing to the tourists.

Ending with the melodies...

As talented as the professionals are in carrying heavy costumes and showing acts of entertainment, they also posses expertise in playing a variety of instruments to produce melodious tunes in unison or singularly. Almost all of the dance performances that the artists present have accompanying live music rather than recorded music. The Shehnai and the flute are very commonly used with the thumping beats of the Dhol to produce a perfect mixture of rhythm and tune. The Ektara, Kartal, Ghungroo and Sarangi are the other facets of the musical journey of the Art Forms of Rajasthan.

Thus, like the palaces and forts, Rajasthan is equally opulent in case of its arts and culture. The true colours of this state can only be experienced when all of this concocted in the perfect amounts as a part of your groovy ride across Rajasthan. Thus, do not forget to catch a few of the dance and music performances along with carrying few colourful pieces to decorate your abode.   

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Friday, September 21, 2018

Think Royal this year: It’s time to visit India’s most historic destination

If you are thinking of taking a break from the modern panorama and diving back into the pages of history, Rajasthan is the place for you to visit. In its entirety, it is a place adorned with an abundance of natural as well as manmade beauty. This great state situated in the north western part of India is all about luxury, landscapes and culture. Not to mention, it is also a geographical montage, boasting of mountains, lakes, deserts and a rich fauna. If you love mountains, take a trip to Mt. Abu, Rajasthan’s only hill station. If deserts tickle your fancy, you need only look west to the Thar Desert, which is the largest in India and the 18th largest in the world. All in all, this is the one place you would want to travel to if you are looking forward to a wholesome vacation experience and enjoying the best of all possible worlds.

Here are a few things Rajasthan has in store for you:

1. The biggest attraction in Rajasthan is the golden Thar, where every grain of sand has a new story to tell. Go luxury camping at night in the cool desert, visit the Desert National Park or simply enjoy a ride on the beautiful camels. They never complain!

2. In Rajasthan, they don’t just paint the town red with celebrations but literally paint it in pink, blue, and so much more! The cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaisalmer are famously known as the pink, blue, white and golden cities because of the monochromatic colour code of their buildings and other structures.

3. The people of Rajasthan are an amiable lot and are rooted to their tradition and culture among other things. The traditional greeting here is “Ghani Khamma” which roughly translates to “many greetings to you”. Addressing people this way is sure to bring you a sense of belonging.

4. Get a taste of the spices and the supernatural! Rajasthan is home to some of the most delicious dishes in India as well as to the most mysterious places in the country. The haunted fort of Bhangarh is sure to leave the hairs behind your neck standing.

5. The puppet shows here are an integral part of the Rajasthani culture. An art passed down through generations of artists, it tells folk stories through music and drama. If you want to sneak a further peek into the culture, puppet shows are the way to go!

6. Indulge in the luxury of “Palace on Wheels”, the latest addition by the tourism department of Rajasthan. The train promises royal services in its 8 days itinerary covering the major cities of New Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bharatpur, Agra and other minor cities
7. A trip to Rajasthan ends with the most exciting souvenirs for you to take back home. Rajasthan’s famous pottery, handicrafts, rugs, jewelleries and clothes made up of the vibrant bandhani patterns are some exciting tokens to wind up your trip with.

A few pointers to ensure a hassle-free vacation:

1. Good caution ensures a great trip. To avoid frauds, do a thorough research about the place beforehand. Do not put too much of trust on all local guides and shopkeepers who often try to manipulate tourists into buying counterfeit products at very high costs.

2. For tourists from colder parts of the world, it is paramount to take precautions against the extremely hot climate of the state. Avoid sunburns and dehydration.

3. It is advisable to dress conservatively, keeping in mind the local customs and traditions.

4. As a tourist, it is your duty to be aware of your civic and social ethics and refrain from causing any damage to the monuments and heritage sites.

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Tour of Royal Rajasthan

Tour is a best way to see new things and visit new places. It is like fresh breathing in a new place. Rajasthan is the largest state of India,located on the northwestern side of the country.This state known as a pink city. Rajasthan is considered to be the golden triangle for visitors coming to 
India.visitors prefer to travel Rajasthan for its emerging beautiful palaces,forts,fairs and festivals.Rajasthan is a beautiful example of India’s age-old opulence and grandeur, traces of which still linger in the air of this state.This state Formerly known as the Land of the Kings.One of the most colourful and vibrant states in the country, with a heady blend of culture,Rajasthan has more history than the entire country put together – it is the realm of erstwhile Maharajas and their lavish palaces and majestic forts.

 1.Jaipur City is known for its historical past, Unesco heritage sites and great Rajasthani food. Loved the trip as it was ushering in the new year and also romantic getaway.Jaipur has many  tourist places like Nahargarh Fort,jaigarh fort,Jal Mahal,Amer Fort , Hawa mahal, Jantar Mantar etc.

 2.Udaipur is a very beautiful city. It has many places to visit. Lack Pachola beautiful lake. City palace museum crystal gallery jag mandir lake palace all are beautiful.

3.Jodhpur is famous for the numerous havelis, baoris and dynasties that used to rule it.  This city Known as the blue city because of the colour of houses around the Mehrangarh fort.

4.Jaisalmer is known as Rajasthan's soul. Situated by the desert, it is here that you see the rustic flavous of Rajashan. Along with the many forts and havelis, the food here is heavenly. The best part about Jaisalmer is that you can experience the folk music of Rajasthan.

5.Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajastan.You have visit nakki lake and famous dilwara Temple.
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Monday, September 10, 2018

The Holy City Puskar

The sound 'Pushkar' means lotus blossom, which is said to be the seat of Brahma, one of the Hindu blessed trinity, who is worshipped as the maker of this world. This is a blessed city in Rajasthan, India famous for its Brahma temple, lake, ghats, and bazaar.

The celebrity has it that the demon Vajra Nabha killed Brahma's children; he in turn struck him with his weapon, a lotus flower. Vajra Nabha died with the collision, and the petals of the lotus cut down at three places. One of them is Pushkar, where it gave birth to a lake. Brahma is hypothetical to have performed give up at this lake on Kartik Purnima (the full moon day of the Kartik month (generally in the month of November)), hallowing the place.

Though Brahma is measured to be the creator of the world, this is the only temple of this important spirit in the whole world. This is also considered as Adi Teerth or Teertharaj sense very old holy place or the most important of holy places in that order.
  • Rangji temple - This is a Vishnu temple built in south Indian method.
  • Chamunda temple - This is one of the 51 Shakti peeths. It is also known as Manibandh.
  • Pap Mochini temple
  • Panchkund Shiva temple - It is approximately 2-3 kms from the pushkar lake. The shiva temple is said to have been built by Pancha pandavas.
  • Savitri temple - It is situated on top of a hill near the lake. This temple is devoted to the goddess savitri, wife of Hindu god Brahma. This temple is the second most holy temple in this.
  • Pushkar Lake- Pushkar Lake is a beautiful, holy spot to visit in Pushkar. This lake is measured to be very old and of the time when the earth was formed. This lake is a place of pilgrimage for the Hindus. Lake is bounded by 52 different ghats to take bath, where Hindus and other tourist come to take a bathe in the month of karthik.
  • Man Mahal
  • Gurudwara Singh Sabha
  • Shri Vaikunthnathji
  • Pushkar Fair: Every year thousands of home and worldwide tourists come to be a part of this wonderful Pushkar Fair. This fair was prearranged in 20 Nov To 28 Nov 2012. Tourists come to take a holy dip in the pushkar lake at the time of karthik purnima, which is on the whole a full moon day. Pushkar fair is also well known as colourful and huge cattle fair.Safaris Go for a Pushkar camel safari in close by villages. Pushkar is famous for camel safaris. Tourists can visit small villages for five days camel safari,Rural Village tours, Local Culture, crop harvesting during their camel expedition ride.
Pushkar has an excessive climate with hot days and cold nights in the summer. The most temperature during the summers can go up to 45 degree Celsius while in winters it can be below 10 degree Celsius. Best time to travel to Pushkar is from October to March.
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Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Glimpse of Royal Rajasthan

When you plan vacations, one thing that sets you thinking is choosing the destination that your entire family is willing to go. India is one country that has become one of the most sought after travel destinations amongst vacationers all over the world. If you have decided to explore this vibrant country then Rajasthan should to your list. This beautiful desert state of India offers you everything that can make your trip a memorable one. Complete Rajasthan Tour provides an in-depth detail about this north Indian state. Going through this guide would help you select destinations that you can visit during your trip. Enjoy the beauty of culture as well as nature scattered across Rajasthan.
Rajasthan Places
The convoluted designs, sculpted beauty and elegant mirrors are a few elements that make palaces in Rajasthan a famous tourist attraction. These beautifully carved out palaces were, once, the home to royal dynasties who ruled the state. These palaces, all over the world, are known for well-expressed luxury and comforts. Although, there are several palaces located here, the charm, design, decorations and beauty of the Lake Palace built in Udaipur is unparallel. For foreign as well as national tourists, this palace symbolizes romance and love. Arising out of the blue water, it stands erect on the Pichola Lake. Hawa Mahal is yet another famous palace located in the Pink City of India, Jaipur. This palace is popularly known for its more than 900 windows, which are known as Jharokas. City Palace, located in Udaipur and Jaipur; and Umain Bhawan in Jodhpur are other palaces.
Rajasthan forts
Forts tend to form an integral part of Rajasthan tourism, and are one of the most popular tourist attractions. They are known for well designed interiors, rugged exteriors and architectural beauty amongst vacationers who are visiting the city. If you want to witness the leftover legacies of Maharajas and Rajas of Rajastahn then do visit these forts. These forts are much more than royal residents as they also safeguarded various kingdoms from attackers and intruders. Although this state of golden sands abode numerous forts, it is the Mehrangarh Fort and Chittaurgarh Fort that make for a must visit. It is these two forts that are renowned all over the world for their stupendous decorations and designs. Taragarh, Jaigarh, Amber and Junagarh forts are other famous forts known for their history.
Rajasthan wildlife
 Rajasthan wildlife , added feather to the legacy of Rajasthan Tourism is famous for avifauna species, flora and fauna. If you want to experience the true wilderness of nature than Rajasthan Safaries are the way to go. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Ranthambore National Park, Kumbhalgarh and Sajjangarh are some other sanctuaries to visit.
With help of Complete Rajasthan Tour, you can visit places that interest you and your family or group of friends
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Friday, August 24, 2018

Rajasthan Culture And Wildlife Tours

Located in the central part of India, the royal state of Rajasthan sharing borders with the state of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and an international border with Pakistan has a lot to explore for tourists of all categories and age groups. If you are planning to explore the prehistoric architectural wonders, then visit Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer; or you want to spend lonely time in the natural habitats of endangered to commonly found animal that visit Bandhavgarh wildlife sanctuaries, Ghana Bird Sanctury or if you want to spend time in the spirituality and divinity, then explore the cities of Ajmer, Pushkar and Mehndipur Balaji.

There is a lot more for you that will surely keep you enticed and persuade you to plan for holidays in Rajasthan again and again. If you are planning to witness the real traditions, civilization, culture and rich heritage of the state, then plan for Rajasthan culture tours that also cover a number of prime destinations.

Jaipur - the capital city of the state of Rajasthan is the main attraction in the entire state that fulfills your requirement for wonderful holidays. It has something for all tourists. The ancient market places are sure to fulfill your desire for ancient artifacts and the handcraft items of the state. Moreover, there are numerous fairs and festivals organized throughout the year here. Teej Mahotsava, Gangaur Festivals, Diwali, etc are different wonderful festivals; while different cultural programs and events are also organized in the city throughout the year. Not forget to mention the Pushkar Fair that is the largest animal fair in the country witnessed by millions of merchants and people from across the country. Foreign tourists also visit the fair and enjoy.

Rajasthan Wildlife tours are also wonderful tour plans to fulfill your desire for memorable holidays in the proximity of endangered to commonly found spices of animals. You will explore the Bandhavgarh wildlife sanctuary, Ghana Bird sanctuary, wildlife sanctuaries near Jaipur and a lot more. During your tour to Rajasthan, you will also get a chance of exploring the Thar Desert that is one of the largest deserts in the world.

Here, you have to choose the right tour and travel agency. When it comes to find an acclaimed tour agency that can make your dream come true for a wonderful tour package, name of Complete Rajasthan Tour comes on the top. Having been into the industry for last many years, Complete Rajasthan Tour has gained immense popularity for bringing you attractive tour packages in your budget.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Tour of Rajasthan, best ever!

When it comes to selecting the destination to spend the vacation time, people always end up in confusion about selecting a holiday destination. Well, this blog is all about sorting out destination selection problem and enlighten about the best ist destination. Yes! Its Rajasthan of Rajasthan is the best decision visitor can ever make to enjoy the holiday and spend memorable time with friends and family. We offer the complete of Rajasthan which includes visiting the Delhi, Agra and Jaipur city of the state, one can avail the Rajasthan package from Delhi. This package includes exploring these three beautiful cities, visitors will be enlightened with the all the historical details about the Monuments, Forts, and Palaces nestled in these cities. Besides visitor can avail the benefits of the personalized of Rajasthan, travelers will be offered with the personal guide throughout the and guide will enlighten about all the facts of the history covered up by the sightseeing places. Let's go further and see how this visit goes.

Starting from Delhi, one will be offered the sightseeing of the Delhi city. Here the traveler can enjoy exploring the Red Fort, which was built in the 1600 century and was residence place back at that time. Later one can visit the Qutb Minar, it was built in the year of 1193 as the symbol of the victory of Hindu Kingdom. The best thing about Qutb Minar, it took nine years to build it and was built using red sandstone used by the labors without the help of any machinery back at that time. Sounds interesting? Let's go further, later on, the package includes the visit of the India Gate. It was built back at the time of world war first, to honor the soldiers who died in the war, even today at the certain time people visit the India Gate an place the lighted candles for the soldier's honor. Later on, the package gives the enjoyment of visiting the Jama Masjid, apart from these sights many more are there to visit which holds a very interesting history and worth spending the time to visit those sites.

Coming to the beautiful city of Agra, visit of Taj Mahal will make you feel pleasant as it the symbol of love and was built by the king Saha Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz. Further, the visitor can visit Agra Fort one of the famous monuments in Agra and then Akbar's Tomb will amaze all day long. Talking about Jaipur, travelers can enjoy the visit to Amer Fort built in the 16th century and then Hawa Mahal is known as the ' Palace of Winds'. It was built using red and pink sandstone. One of the best historical monuments to visit, later you can enjoy the visit to City Palace and Jantar Mantar monuments in Jaipur. I know you are curious to visit these places! Well, avail the best holiday package from Delhi to visit these enormous places. We offer best-personalized package and Best holiday package of Rajasthan from Delhi city. Contact our helpline now to get best holiday package of Rajasthan.
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Monday, July 16, 2018

Rajasthan Tour

If you are looking for an Enormous tour of Destination, which can help you get to relax from your hectic work schedule out and the enjoyment at the same time! You are at the right place! When it comes to enjoying vacation one keep dazzling with the selection of destination to bring out the best vacation fun ever. What if I got the best destination you can ever visit to spend your holidays and enjoy the entire days of your vacation! Yes! I'm talking about the Tour of Rajasthan! Trust me this destination worth spending everlasting days of your holidays.

 Rajasthan is Ought to be The Land of The Late Kings and the ruler, this land is full of Natural Landscapes that will take your breath away for a moment- not literally! Well, apart from the natural landscapes, this place is full of Monuments and the Forbidden Kingdoms of the Late Kings and ruler. Besides it is the place which can amaze you by the creation of nature and human at the same time with a lot of fun and enjoyment.

We offer you the range of Rajasthan Tour Packages that include the Complete Tour of Rajasthan, you can enjoy the fun of sightseeing of monuments built in the late centuries of the history, nature landscapes spread over the large part of the land of Rajasthan, holy lakes forbidden in long deserts and few historical museums holding the historical art craft pieces and valuable things from back the late centuries which are long gone.

You can also experience the real fun in celebrating the Traditional Festival Celebrated in Rajasthan by participating in it,Camel Ride Festival At Pushkar and many more festivals. Isn't it sound tempting! Rajasthan Tour includes visiting Jaipur, Agra, Ranthambore, Jaisalmer and many more destinations. Besides we offer you the Personalised Tour of Complete Rajasthan, you will be allocated with the personal guide who will take you over the best sightseeing places and to other places which you have already in the mind. You can avail the fun of Personalised Tour Of Complete Rajasthan with your loved ones and spend the memorable time in Rajasthan.

In case you are looking forward to having the enormouste Complete tour of Rajasthan, we offer the Best Rajasthan Tour Holiday Packages From Delhi. Our packages include all the enjoyment and fun you can ever imagine for your Best Holidays Tour Ever. Contact our helpline today, to set the best suitable Rajasthan Tour Package for you. Why wait?

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Personalized Tour of Rajasthan

A Tour of Rajasthan which includes visiting the most famous and enormous three cities, Delhi- capital city, Agra, and Jaipur, these three cities holds the history of India up to great extent. Delhi is the city where you can find the diversity and combination of all the aspects right from the food, different culture and tradition. When talking about the Tour of Agra, it includes the sightseeing of the miraculous landscape and forts of Mughal kings. Talking about the Jaipur Tour, it highlights the cultural.

Tour of Rajasthan; you can enjoy the sightseeing starting right from the Delhi, Agra and to Jaipur. A lot of landscapes and forts are located in these parts of the land, which can have your attention all the way long. Besides we offer you the fun of Bike Tour of Rajasthan, where you can ride and enjoy the Road Trip of the State by riding on a bike.

Talking about Delhi, we offer you the Tour of Sightseeing of Red Fort popularly known as the laal kilah. It was built under the ruling of Mughal king Saha Jahan, took nine years to complete the entire construction by red coloured sandstones. Other than this we offer you the enjoyment of visiting Jama Masjid, the biggest mosque tradition and creations of the Rajputana.

Now, what if I say we offer the Best Tour of Rajasthan which includes the tour of all these three cities and sightseeing of all those monuments and kingdoms located in these cities! Yes! We offer you the Personalised among them all in India, and a Ride to the India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhavan- president house. This was all about the Tour of Delhi.

Talking about Agra, it is needless to say that Agra is more popular for the Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World; it was built after the memory of late wife Mumtaz of Mughal king Saha Jahan and his love for her. The grave of the late Mumtaz is buried beneath the Taj Mahal. We offer you the private tour of the Taj Mahal, with the brief guide about the origin of it and the history behind it. Later out Rajasthan Tour Package includes the Sightseeing of the Jaipur City.

The capital city of Rajasthan, it includes visiting the Jantar Mantar site, Nawab Sahab Ki Haveli and other heritage monuments which would amaze you in all aspect for its beauty and creation. If you are looking forward to the Holiday Tour Package of the Rajasthan, we offer the Best Rajasthan Tour Packages From Delhi.

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