Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tour of Rajasthan, best ever!

When it comes to selecting the destination to spend the vacation time, people always end up in confusion about selecting a holiday destination. Well, this blog is all about sorting out destination selection problem and enlighten about the best ist destination. Yes! Its Rajasthan of Rajasthan is the best decision visitor can ever make to enjoy the holiday and spend memorable time with friends and family. We offer the complete of Rajasthan which includes visiting the Delhi, Agra and Jaipur city of the state, one can avail the Rajasthan package from Delhi. This package includes exploring these three beautiful cities, visitors will be enlightened with the all the historical details about the Monuments, Forts, and Palaces nestled in these cities. Besides visitor can avail the benefits of the personalized of Rajasthan, travelers will be offered with the personal guide throughout the and guide will enlighten about all the facts of the history covered up by the sightseeing places. Let's go further and see how this visit goes.

Starting from Delhi, one will be offered the sightseeing of the Delhi city. Here the traveler can enjoy exploring the Red Fort, which was built in the 1600 century and was residence place back at that time. Later one can visit the Qutb Minar, it was built in the year of 1193 as the symbol of the victory of Hindu Kingdom. The best thing about Qutb Minar, it took nine years to build it and was built using red sandstone used by the labors without the help of any machinery back at that time. Sounds interesting? Let's go further, later on, the package includes the visit of the India Gate. It was built back at the time of world war first, to honor the soldiers who died in the war, even today at the certain time people visit the India Gate an place the lighted candles for the soldier's honor. Later on, the package gives the enjoyment of visiting the Jama Masjid, apart from these sights many more are there to visit which holds a very interesting history and worth spending the time to visit those sites.

Coming to the beautiful city of Agra, visit of Taj Mahal will make you feel pleasant as it the symbol of love and was built by the king Saha Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz. Further, the visitor can visit Agra Fort one of the famous monuments in Agra and then Akbar's Tomb will amaze all day long. Talking about Jaipur, travelers can enjoy the visit to Amer Fort built in the 16th century and then Hawa Mahal is known as the ' Palace of Winds'. It was built using red and pink sandstone. One of the best historical monuments to visit, later you can enjoy the visit to City Palace and Jantar Mantar monuments in Jaipur. I know you are curious to visit these places! Well, avail the best holiday package from Delhi to visit these enormous places. We offer best-personalized package and Best holiday package of Rajasthan from Delhi city. Contact our helpline now to get best holiday package of Rajasthan.
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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Tour of Rajasthan, like nothing you have seen ever!

Going on a vacation and spending holidays at a wonderful destination always gives an amazing experience, Rajasthan is one of the best vacation spots to spend vacation and memorable time with beloved. We offer a complete tour of Rajasthan package, this includes much sightseeing of landscapes and monuments which are forbidden by the past history of the kings. This is the only reason why the Rajasthan is known as the land of kings, forbidden forts, kingdom palaces and historical monuments built by the past ruler kings make the state worth visiting. Talking about the holidays' tour package of Rajasthan, it will start right from the Delhi. Where numerous sightseeing is there, besides this city is known for the combination of the different cultures lives in the city. Visiting Chandani Chowk can be a wonderful experience, India Gate is also there to visit which was built at the end of world war 1. It was built to respect the soldiers who lost their lives during the war, even today on certain days people light the candles and place those at the India Gate to honor the warriors.

Further one can visit Red Fort, Qutb Minar, and Jama Masjid as a part of sightseeing in Delhi. Later on, during the visit of Agra city, the package consists of visiting one of the seven wonders the Taj Mahal. Other than this, visiting the Agra Fort and the Akbar's Tomb can be an amazing experience. Moving to the city of Jaipur, you can visit the Hawa Mahal, City Palace of Jaipur, Amer Fort and the Jantar Mantar site. These are the best sightseeing which worth visiting and it is definitely nothing that you have ever seen before.

Amidst of these all, visiting Jaisalmer is one of the best experience you may ever have. Here we offer the enjoyment of the royal stay at the palace type motel middle of the desert or may have the enjoyment of the camping nights in the desert of the Jaisalmer. Sitting around the bone fire during camping nights, where you can feel the noise of the silence and wind blowing around at desert. Camel ride in the desert can also be a wonderful experience, you can participate in camel ride festival celebrated in the desert. Further one can experience the adventure of visiting the Ranthambore National Park, a wildlife sanctuary nestled across the widespread area. Here you can see the wildlife species moving around the land freely, seeing them closely will definitely amaze you. Wildlife species like Tigers, Leopards, and Marsh Crocodile, doesn't sound tempting! Further a few kilometers away from the National Park, there is a lake called 'Padam Talav'. It is famous for its fresh water lilies and the best fact, lake water remains crystal clear throughout the year naturally!

In case if you are looking forward to planning the best vacation ever, to spend memorable time with your beloved. Well then, we offer the best holiday tour package of Rajasthan, contact our helpline for more details about the tour packages. Why wait! Contact today!
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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Enjoy the thrilling tour of Rajasthan

Are you planning a vacation and yet confuse about the spot where you want to spend holidays? Well, if yes! then you are reading the right blog. Here we are about the talk about the best holiday spot can ever plan to spend a vacation. Visit of Rajasthan! Yes! A complete tour of Rajasthan is all traveler need. When it comes to spending holidays, people always think of someplace where they can enjoy the memorable time with their beloved. This tour is likely to be the combination of enjoyment and thrill traveler can ever have with their beloved. Let's talk about the package in detail. Talking about the holiday tour package we offer, where one can enjoy the sightseeing of the Jaisalmer city of the state.

What if I say now a visitor can enjoy the personalized tour! Yes, now visitors can avail the benefits and enjoyments of the personalized tour of the package as per selection. This package avail the benefits of visiting the certain place in the comfort of the time, as in general package the places and the visiting time for the places come with the limitation. Besides talking about the Jaisalmer, one can enjoy the thrilling camping nights in the desert of the Jaisalmer. Camping in long spread deserts will surely give thrilling chills at night, the noise of the silence in the desert with the wind blooming around within darkness of night. Isn't it sound tempting and thriller adventurous. Besides one can also enjoy the royal stay at the state rated hotel nestled middle of the desert builds likely as the look of any fort or palace. Travelers will be welcomed warmly and be served with prestige throughout all stay.
What else a traveler can hope for fun! Well, needless to mention about the camel ride enjoyment! One can enjoy the camel ride in the desert. Besides travelers are allowed to participate in the traditional festival celebrated in Pushkar town of the state, where they celebrate the Camel ride festival. One can also avail the enjoyment of the Camel ride festival celebrated at the Pushkar town. Most adventurous part of the package is visiting Ranthambore National Park, where a traveler can see the wildlife sanctuary and see the wildlife like Marsh Crocodile, Tigers, and Leopards. Don't be afraid! You will be taken on the car ride to see all these wild lives at National Park. Watching leashed wildlife creatures moving freely, sounds thrilling? Well, then I bet! This holiday will be memorable for you and other travelers visiting along.

If you are looking forward to planning such a memorable vacation full of enjoyment and adventure, we have best holiday tour package for travelers! Contact our helpline to get the best fit Rajasthan tour package as per requirements.  
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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Adventurous tour of Rajasthan.

What comes to your mind, when it comes to planning a vacation? It is crystal clear as water that we try to choose the tourist destination in such a way that it ought to be the best vacation ever had. Going more in detail, will try to learn about the destination for what type of vacation time you want to spend. Either it is adventurous, thrilling or just a calm stay and visit of the destination to spend some quality time with beloved to wash out the stress of hectic life schedule from the mind. Well, most of the people prefer the adventurous and thrilling vacation time. I have just the exact same destination where traveler can have an adventurous time as well as thrilling experience.

It's about the tour of Rajasthan. Yes! Rajasthan is the most popular and worth visiting holiday destination to experience the adventure. We offer the best holiday package for Rajasthan from Delhi, different travel packages are available depending on the need of traveler. Well, we even offer the personalized tour of Rajasthan. Here a personal guide will be allocated to enlightened the traveler about the historical details about the sightseeing landscapes and monuments. A bike tour is the another best thing about the package, we offer the bike tour of Rajasthan. Here, tourist can enjoy the sightseeing by traveling on the bike through the roads of the state.

Talking about the package in detail, travelers will be taken to visit the city of Jaisalmer. Well, if you are not aware of the beautiful part about this city then let me share that. Apart from sightseeing in the city of Jaisalmer, camping nights in the desert is the most wonderful experience visitors can have while visiting the city. In the long and widespread desert, along with the blooming of the wind's noise enjoyment of the bone fire during camping night. Isn't it sound tempting! You can sit around the bone fire and do whatever you want, like playing games, fun talk or perhaps scary story telling. That would definitely a quiet of experience, isn't it!

Amidst these bone fire nights, experience the adventure of visiting Ranthambore National Park. It is a wildlife sanctuary, where the wildlife can be seen moving freely in the woods covered up to the certain wide area. During the visit of the park, there will be a special sanctuary car available with the driver, who will take on a ride across the entire park and you can see the wild species like Tigers, Leopards, and Marsh Crocodiles moving freely in the woods. Watching wildlife species from a very close distance will definitely an amazing experience, besides there is more to visit nearby the Ranthambore National Park. Just a few kilometers ahead, there is a lake named 'Padam Talav'. This lake is well known for its fresh water lilies found in the lake, amazing fact about this lake is the water of the lake remain fresh and clean crystal clear throughout the year. Now tell me this whole holiday tour package of Rajasthan, doesn't worth buying and visiting!

Well, don't think much, contact our helpline and get the best Rajasthan tour package!
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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Rajasthan Tour Packages From Delhi

It is needless to mention that Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful and enormous pieces of sheer land full of landscapes, forts and forbidden kingdoms of the late kings. It is said that whatsoever days you spend exploring the land of Rajasthan will be less, as it Rajasthan is full of breathtaking landscapes, caves, long deserts, holy lakes, palaces of late kings, the fort of kings and many more. Besides, it is also well known for its cultural festivals like the camel festival at Pushkar town of Rajasthan where Brahma temple is located since the 14th century. When it comes to Spending Holidays Exploring Rajasthan, there are many Travel Packages are available in the market. But, we offer the Best Royal Tour of Rajasthan which includes all the major sightseeing landscapes and festivals celebrated in state land.

We offer Rajasthan Holiday Tour Package, which includes all sightseeing in addition to a luxurious stay at royal land. We offer personalised Rajasthan Tour Package From Delhi, this package is offered with the personal touring guider. The tour covers the places like Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, in the Personalised Tour you can have the chance to select the spending time at the place whatsoever you want. Besides, a brief guide about the landscapes and the fort's history will be offered by the tour guide. Well, what if I say you can also have the fun of Road Trip in Rajasthan! Yes! You can have the fun of road trip by exploring the Rajasthan By Bike Tour; we offer a complete Tour of Royal Land By Bike Tour. You can enjoy exploring the landscapes with the fun of Bike Ride in Entire State land.

Royal Tour of Rajasthan will make you experience all the enjoyment of cultural festival celebrated in the state by participating in those festivals, you can enjoy the camel ride at the Camel Festival in the Desert. Riding over the land of Rajasthan by Sitting on a Camel! Isn't it sound tempting! It does to me! After all, this royal land is full of enjoyment that one can have while spending quality time of holidays.

If you are looking forward to Exploring This Royal Land of Kings, make sure you select the right package. After all, you do not want to miss out the fun of exploring all the landscapes, holy lakes, deserts, forts, king palaces and kingdoms which can have your attention as long as you keep seeing those enormous creations. Contact us for the Best Personalise and Complete Tour of Rajasthan from Delhi.

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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Rajasthan Holiday Packages

When it comes to Spending Holidays, we always try to select out the Best Place Full of Sightseeing and a place which can take away our all time with getting full enjoyment in return. Well, Rajasthan is One of the Best Holiday Destinations travellers prefer to spend their vacation time. Tour of Rajasthan is not less than a tour of heaven, where you can see all the miracles and creations of nature and human at the same time. Yes! I am talking about the Complete Tour of Rajasthan where you can have the enjoyment of seeing miraculous landscapes of nature, deserts and in addition to the creation of human the palaces of late kings, forbidden kingdoms and forts of kings. On the other side, you can also Enjoy the cultural festivals celebrated in Rajasthan and camping nights in deserts. Yes! You can enjoy the Camping Night in the Desert, the Adventure of Desert Nights with your loved ones. Where you can sit outside of your tents around the camping fire and enjoy the silent noises of blooming winds of the desert with your loved ones, besides you can have those games enjoyment with your beloved and friends at Camping Night.

Never then less, we offer you the Royal Tour of Rajasthan. A complete tour of the state with the enjoyment of Road Trip on Bikes and a luxurious stay in the palaces nestled in the desert. You can have fun in lots of sightseeing enjoyment, adventures and Camel Riding in the Desert of Jaisalmer. Besides, we offer the Tour of Ranthambore National Park. It is a national park of a wildlife sanctuary, covering over almost 282kms of land. Full of wildlife, you can have the fun of car ride and seeing wildlife likewise tigers, leopards and marsh crocodiles. Besides there is Ganesha temple on the top of the hill which is very famous in northern India and the holy lake named Padam Talao, which is famous for the best water lilies and crystal clear water stay same throughout the year. Other than a national park, we offer the Tour of Jaisalmer Fort- the Mystic Desert Fort with Temples, The Golden City of Jaisalmer, Patwon ki Haveli- a Museum Built in the 19th Century and the Famous Handicraft Place of laxminatham. Our Holiday Tour Package of Rajasthan includes all these enjoyment and thrill. Camping Nights in the Desert of Jaisalmer and sightseeing of the forbidden and miraculous landscapes isn't it sounds tempting!

If you are looking forward to the Tour of Rajasthan, then start packing your bags! We offer the Complete Tour of Rajasthan with Best Rajasthan Holiday Packages.

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Rajasthan Tour

If you are looking for an Enormous tour of Destination, which can help you get to relax from your hectic work schedule out and the enjoyment at the same time! You are at the right place! When it comes to enjoying vacation one keep dazzling with the selection of destination to bring out the best vacation fun ever. What if I got the best destination you can ever visit to spend your holidays and enjoy the entire days of your vacation! Yes! I'm talking about the Tour of Rajasthan! Trust me this destination worth spending everlasting days of your holidays.

 Rajasthan is Ought to be The Land of The Late Kings and the ruler, this land is full of Natural Landscapes that will take your breath away for a moment- not literally! Well, apart from the natural landscapes, this place is full of Monuments and the Forbidden Kingdoms of the Late Kings and ruler. Besides it is the place which can amaze you by the creation of nature and human at the same time with a lot of fun and enjoyment.

We offer you the range of Rajasthan Tour Packages that include the Complete Tour of Rajasthan, you can enjoy the fun of sightseeing of monuments built in the late centuries of the history, nature landscapes spread over the large part of the land of Rajasthan, holy lakes forbidden in long deserts and few historical museums holding the historical art craft pieces and valuable things from back the late centuries which are long gone.

You can also experience the real fun in celebrating the Traditional Festival Celebrated in Rajasthan by participating in it,Camel Ride Festival At Pushkar and many more festivals. Isn't it sound tempting! Rajasthan Tour includes visiting Jaipur, Agra, Ranthambore, Jaisalmer and many more destinations. Besides we offer you the Personalised Tour of Complete Rajasthan, you will be allocated with the personal guide who will take you over the best sightseeing places and to other places which you have already in the mind. You can avail the fun of Personalised Tour Of Complete Rajasthan with your loved ones and spend the memorable time in Rajasthan.

In case you are looking forward to having the enormouste Complete tour of Rajasthan, we offer the Best Rajasthan Tour Holiday Packages From Delhi. Our packages include all the enjoyment and fun you can ever imagine for your Best Holidays Tour Ever. Contact our helpline today, to set the best suitable Rajasthan Tour Package for you. Why wait?

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